Magical, mystical & metaphysical. Handmade and hand-carved with intention, fraught with symbolism aimed to protect, purify and empower.

My Story

A new beginning was tangible in the smoky air that bellowed out of a makeshift fire pit. The day had arrived to clear out the clusters of dried thistle stems and torrent of thorny blackberry vines that had taken over the forgotten garden. I watched the burning pile of prickly inconveniences with the satisfaction of a day’s toil. The wind whipped through the narrow garden, encircling me in a powerful energy as sparks of my unconscious burst into life. Snakes slithered from the smoke, crows crackled into flight above and I emerged from the experience transformed. 

As I stared at the smoldering ashes, the feelings of protection, purity and power settled within me. At last the dormant bag of clay in the back of my closet was calling me; the universe had spoken. Burnt Thistle had begun, and swept me up with it. 

May my artwork serve you well.

Caroline Elliott

Burnt Thistle Ceramics

Instagram @burntthistleceramics

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