Crow Spirit Animal Art: Magic & Intuition


Crow Spirit Animal Art: Meaning & Symbolism

The crow is my spirit animal. The crow embodies psychic ability, magic and intuition. Having recently discovered the true power and potential in trusting my own intuition, the crow frequently shows up in my life. While on walks, online and in my dreams. Crow energy inspires my line of metaphysical ceramics and gives me inspiration. Here are some ways to connect with the Crow Spirit Animal in your day-to-day life.

How to connect with the Crow Spirit Animal:

  1. Hone your intuition: Everyone has this innate gift, ground yourself and listen to what your gut is telling you. Tune into your environment and others by trusting yourself and the process. It sounds easy, right? After two years of practicing how to hone my intuition and tune into this psychic gift, it takes some faith, patience and validation. Yoga and meditation are two of my greatest tools to practice listening to my instincts.
  2. Pay attention to moments that the Crow shows itself to you: The other day on a walk a murder of crows passed overhead, I was mid-thought and that idea has spurred me onto many great paths. The timing, place and date that crows show themselves to you might be of great importance, or a small reminder that your potential is great.
  3. Perform a ceremony or ritual in honor of the Crow Spirit: Place a small ceremony bowl in front of you (preferably outside) and place crystals, herbs or seeds in the bowl. Wave a crow feather or smudge stick over your bowl, then focus your energy and mind on calling in more Crow energy. Place/plant the crystals, herbs, or seeds in a meaningful place.

Shop Crow Spirit Animal Art: Magic & intuition. Crow energy is at work when you can see the unseen, and know the unknown. Listen to your third eye soul traveler.