Fortune Telling & Future Seeking


My fortune teller pieces are close to my heart. I’m going to try to share some of the inspiration behind my crystal ball and future seeking ceramics. Here it goes:


As an artist and a small business owner I spend a lot of time, probably more than I should admit, looking towards the future. What will my business look like in a year? In three years? How will my art evolve? How will I transform in this roll of the creator?


When I pull cards, look to my guides and listen to my intuition, a few key themes always appear when I am future seeking:

  1. Patience: Have more of it.
  2. Hope: Keep the dream alive.
  3. Trust: Trust the process, yes, yes.


All of these themes have something very obvious in common: belief. I must believe in the beautiful future I envision. Belief has never been difficult for me. It’s always been almost too easy. Fearlessly jumping into situations in life that most people fear, always believing that it will work out–quitting my job to move cross-country to live with my soulmate, taking off a whole month every year to travel and be inspired, and starting my own business. Just to name a few. 😉


If I were to foretell my future, here is what I see soul traveler:

  • Bliss: pure and simple
  • Productivity: fresh and vibrant
  • Profitability: sustainable & scalable


What does your future look like? Bright I hope!


Check out my fortune teller artwork to spur your own inspiration.



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